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Woman `detained` for carrying condoms and sexy undies

Melbourne: A woman has claimed that she was detained by US border officials thrice in two weeks and accused of being a sex worker for carrying condoms and “racy underwear” in her baggage.

University of British Columbia graduate Clay Nikiforuk (a pseudonym) wrote an article for the Huffington Post about the “baffling” series of events that occurred while she was travelling through the US with a married man, the Herald Sun reported.

She said that she was first held by border guards in Vermont in March, where her bag was searched “at least five times,” she was carrying approximately eight condoms in her suitcase and underwear.

She wrote that she could not help but notice how often her lingerie and “sexy underwear” were mentioned, and how often the condoms they found were looked upon scathingly, and how most of the four male officers’ questions pertained to both.

She was eventually given a two-week visa, but she had missed her bus and plane by that time so had to wait until the next morning to continue her journey.

Two weeks later, she alleged that Montreal Airport officials took her to a back office and asked her about the man she was travelling with.

During the questioning she admitted that the man was married and she was planning on sharing a hotel bed with him; she was even forced to tell the official that the man’s wife “doesn’t want to know the details, but she knows” about their affair.

She said that the officer searched her bags pulled out condoms and told her that he could have her charged with being a working girl.

Nikiforuk was then asked how much the man was paying her to go on this trip, when she replied that he wasn’t, she was told off for participating in adultery and let go.

Next came Miami, where she claims she was detained, interrogated, fingerprinted, patted down and “yelled at” for eight hours and asked if she was looking to be sexually assaulted.


From Zee News

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