Women like to arouse themselves by watching porn!

Yes, guys, women do watch porn, although it is generally considered that they don`t.

Women like to arouse themselves by watching porn.

It`s still generally considered that pornography is for men and men only. Are you of the opinion that a woman may watch a porn movie, but only in the company of her partner, and only if after watching porn the couple imitate what they`ve just seen? The truth is that we, women, like to watch porn too.

The myth about women not being interested in porn is based on the belief that women don`t want to enjoy sex as much as men. But doesn`t such an opinion seem outdated to you? Women enjoy having sexual intercourse, experiencing arousal and watching porn.

This is corroborated also by the following fact: sociologist from the Brigham Young University, John Carroll, conducted internet-based research among students on watching pornography. Most of the 813 students responded that they find pornography all right. 83% of men said they had watched at least one porn movie in the previous year, and the same said 31% of women. Although this isn`t a lot, one third of women did admittedly watch at least one porn movie in the previous year. The percentage of women watching porn is probably higher, but women are unwilling to admit the fact that they`re doing something traditionally seen as "masculine."

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