Yana calls herself the panty-less girl!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The queen of controversy Yana Gupta called herself the panty less girl. To top that further she has the witty humour to match it all.

When recently questioned by media on her scandal of going commando. She shrugged off by saying, "I`m the panty-less girl! I simply wasn`t expecting the issue to blow up like that. I just thought, `keep your legs crossed, no big deal,` but it wasn`t that simple. But being in this industry, you learn that these things come and go all the time. You can stress yourself out or let them be."

Yana has herself engaged in a couple of things at the moment. Apart from acting and modelling, Yana’s been of late interested into music album and a book. "The music album is all set to release in March. It`s been described as a cross between Bjork and Norah Jones," said Yana, adding that her book will be out by December this year.

On the acting front, Yana said she would like to work in films with more than just an item number. She said, "I remember meeting a director for a film in which I was supposed to be one of the main characters and he told me I didn`t have many dialogues. They just wanted me to run up and down the beach in a bikini. People want to cast me for my sex appeal. I want to play somebody real, who goes through really challenges. I`d prefer a completely non-glamourous role.”

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