YouTube bans Poonam Pandey; can’t resist her heat!

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: After ‘Bathroom Secrets’ and ‘Mirror Act’, India’s latest online sensation - the hot and raunchy Poonam Pandey has promised to come up with her third trailer video ‘Bedroom Secrets’!

Apparently, even as Poonam’s video are becoming a rage among netizens, world’s largest video sharing website You Tube banned and removed provocative footage of the leggy lass for violating its policy from their website.

The hottie who enjoys a celebrity status owing to sleazy videos hogged the limelight after her scandalous confession of going all naked for the spirit of Indian Cricket team during the World Cup 2011 this year.

Poonam Pandey had apparently cross-linked the nearly four-minute-long YouTube video on her website. But now, the steamy video shows a message of violating YouTube policy that reads, “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube`s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.”

The ‘Mirror Act’ video of Poonam Pandey showed the model standing in front of the Mirror in a low white bikini and doing provocative actions. The Website has reportedly got 9,68,480 hits as till Saturday. But YouTube has flagged the video as age-restricted in accordance with its community guidelines.

Poonam confirmed it on her Twitter page. “Ohhhh my Goshhhh!!!! Youtube Removed my 2nd Trailer The ‘Mirror Acts’ i guess it can’t resist the Heat.. It says Video removed due to violation of You Tube`s policy against spams, scams and commercially deceptive content?? But there Was nothing like that it was just Hotter!!! :(( as i had Told u its gonna get Hot, Hotter & Hottest ... Within next 12 hrs will Share the Third Video Trailer The ‘Bed Room Secrets’ (sic).”

Interestingly, Poonam seems to believe that her videos helped India clinch their last win against England and hence she tweeted, “Gr8 to know my Trailer videos are Really Working with Team India!! ... Let them Win today will Release the ‘Bedroom Secrets’ 3rd Trailer”.

Well, one wonders why she didn’t strip when team India was touring England, at least they wouldn’t had to return quailing.