Zac Efron gets girlfriend`s permission to visit strip club

New York: `High School Musical` star Zac Efron said he got girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens permission before hitting a strip club.

The 22-year-old actor said that although he got the nod from Hudgens, before he headed to the club, it wasn`t easy to ask for permission, the New York Daily News reported.

"The hardest thing was calling your girlfriend before. That`s the awkward part. How do you even start that conversation without feeling like a total loser? But she was fine with it," he told Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"I`m not really the type of guy who does that kind of thing often," he added.

Reports earlier this week claimed the "Charlie St Cloud" star spent nearly USD 2,000 on lap dances and drinks, Efron clarified, "No, no, not at all... I don`t remember. I don`t think I opened my wallet."

The actor said he had a different perception about such clubs but it was different.

"I had this image of what it would be like. I`ve heard a lot about these places, mostly from rap music. They`re supposed to be pretty reputable, right? I envisioned myself on a nice couch, stunna shades, with like T-Pain and Usher, you know, making it rain money. And it just wasn`t like that that," he added.


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