Zac Efron shows how to unfasten bra with one hand

London: Zac Efron demonstrated his single-handed flick technique during a video interview with an Australian radio station. The show’s hosts got the 24-year-old to show off his skills after commenting on how easy he made it look in his sex scene with Taylor Schilling in their new movie ‘The Lucky One’.

The Hollywood actor, who was joined by his co-star for the interview, said it was an easy feat to perform as DJ Matty joked that he always struggled when unfastening in a moment of passion.

“Come on, you can do it with one hand,” a leading daily has quoted Efron as saying on the show.

He was then handed a sexy black and pink bra and duly demonstrated just how it was done.

“Sheesh, nice bra,” the actor said as he was handed the underwear item.

“You just pinch and slide,” he explained, to impressed looks from Taylor and the Hot 30 Countdown jocks.