`Flop-e` expects good response from audience

Kolkata: Debutant director Pritam Sarkar`s Bengali feature film `Flop-e` is expecting a positive response from the audience back home after it got rave reviews at its October premiere in London.

The producer of the film, Dinanath Ghosh of the Sixth Sense Entertainment Pvt Ltd, said that film critics of reputed international media houses had praised the film`s unusual storyline during its London premiere.

"I am very excited about the film`s February release in Kolkata. In the UK, expatriates and film critics from reputed media houses had praised the unusual storyline about a corporate honcho`s unsuccessful foray into film-making and its cinematic treatment," Ghosh told reporters here.

Sarkar, who is now busy readying the script for the next film `Pen`, said, "I have dealt with a corporate hotshot, who has never tasted failure in life, investing in a business plan that will end up in failure."

Sarkar said the film-within-a-film concept was a hit among the audience during `Flop-e`s` first screening at the Harrow Arts Centre in London on October 2.

One of the main actors in the film, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, said, "I am playing a real life role as Sabyasachi Chakrabarty in the movie. There is a concurrent plot in the film where I act."

Besides Sabyasachi, actress Paoli Dam, veteran Bengali actor and senior ad man Barun Chanda and actor Subhajit Dutta also featured in the `Flop-e` cast.