`Namte Namte` mirrors the society: Rajatabho Dutta

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2013, 08:43 AM IST

Kolkata: Believing audience will be the ultimate judge of any work, popular actor Rajatabho Dutta aka Ananda-babu in `Namte Namte` said such characters were born out of social circumstances and the story of film talks about our awakening.

"Due to my chemistry with Saswata Chatterjee as two buddies having worked in many films, I guess both of us felt more at ease in portraying the two diametrically opposite characters on screen, me of a conformist, weak-kneed citizen and he of a para `don`. And need I have to say anything about Apu (Saswata). He is a unbelievably good actor," Rajatabha told PTI on the sidelines of the premier of the movie tonight.

"The director can say it better, but while my character of a weak, conformist husband, desperate to shift to another locality to escape the para goons is outwardly meek, he gives a very important message of push coming to shove if we don?t resist things one day," he said about his role.

Rupa Ganguly, who essayed Seema, said "I was struck by the theme of `Trata`, the short story by Dibyendu Palit and the play by the same name and agreed to do the film when Rana (director Rana Sarkar) approached since it has very strong contents."

"I can never take things so easy. I live with the character during shoots. And what I have to say about working opposite co-actors like Ronie (Rajatabha Dutta) and Apu! IMore than acting, I found the situations so common-place and natural, I went for the non-acting mode. There is no scope for dramatics," the Abosheshey actor said.

Rupa, who confided not having seen the edited film post-production, said the film produced by 3 eDots turned off well with a very strong message and content.

Director Sarkar said the film confronted us all to take a hard look at ourselves and face social realitites about nexus between lumpenisation-politics and how the ordinary middle class falls prey,and that the downfall will never cease if we wish to look the other way.