`Yoddha` director launches new heroine in road movie

Kolkata: Shutia gangrape-based gritty flick Proloy director Raj Chakrorborty`s `Borbaad` features new face Ritika, having starred in blockbuster `100 per cent Love` but she would love to launched on a scale a la Kareena Kapoor in Bollywood film `Refugee` or Subhas Ghai`s female leads.

"No sir, you can`t say I am being launched as a new face in this movie where a Bike is the real character not me. Launching means introducing someone on a lavish scale, But we always don`t like to be launched that way. Stripped of glamour and gloss, in a more realistic mould. Everything should be symmetrical.

"That`s what my character as the support-system of a bike freak is in Borbaad, a level headed girl who comes to the aid of her friend when his long time companion Bike goes missing one day.

Very different from the masala, hatke, Pop-Cornish `100 per cent Love` where I did kiddish acts," Ritika told PTI about her role.

Ritika who confirms having fallen `in love` with Rajda, gushes

"He is one person every youngster would idolise. Prochondo preme para jay or sathe kaj korte korte (you would wish you fall in love with such a person as the shoot progresses). He becomes close with his unit members, a man with funny bones who can always be up to some pranks when he is not serious behind the lens, and he is very chilled out and encouraging. A director with lots of positivity."

Terming Borbaad as a romantic thriller, she says, "It has romance, comedy, underworld all rolled into one." Borbaad, produced by Shri Venkatesh Films, will be released in August.

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