All films need not have social message, says Tashu Kaushik

Chennai: Tashu Kaushik, busy wrapping up Telugu political drama ‘Reporter’, about the state of journalism in the country, feels all films need not address a social issue because people watch movies for entertainment.

"I personally feel all films need not address a social issue. Audiences come to watch movies for entertainment. I`m sure nobody would like to be lectured for hours on some sensitive subject. As a cinema lover, I personally like entertaining films," Tashu told reporters.

"I`m fine if once in a while a film comes along with a social message. But such films should address these subjects subtly without making it preachy. Even a film like `Rang De Basanti` earned criticism from a small section of the audience for its debatable climax," she said.

In "Reporter", Tashu is paired opposite Ramkee. The film is being directed by Mahesh Katti.

"We`ve tried to present journalism from a different point of view. Our effort is to prove that pen is really mightier than sword," Tashu added.