Characters real hero of films: Director Sunil Kumar

Chennai:Known for Telugu films such as `Sontha Ooru` and `Oka Romantic Crime Katha`, director Sunil Kumar Reddy always prefers working with new and not so popular faces because he believes in moving audiences with his characters.

"You don`t see an actor in a film but the character he or she is enacting. I always believe that the real hero of a film is the character," Reddy said.

"I like to move audiences with my characters but not by using a popular face of a hero. The purpose of a character is killed when it`s merely traded for a popular face.

"Only when a film has strong characters, can audiences take back home the memories of living with that character for a few hours," he added.

Reddy, who is currently working on his new film "Waiting for You" about pre-marital pregnancy, has roped in a new face for the lead role.

"The story is inspired by events. I met a girl recently who narrated this story about issues dealing with pre-marital pregnancy and the moral policing one faces from society. It`s a story that calls for performance but not for popularity of a star," he said.

However, Reddy is not against casting popular actors, if needed.

"I don`t have a rule to not work with stars. I will when I have to work with a popular actor. I will wait and find a suitable actor if ever I need to work with one," he added.