Director complains against actress Padmapriya

Thiruvananthapuram: Director MA Nishad Wednesday filed a complaint against actress Padmapriya that she did not cooperate with him while shooting for his film ‘No 66 Madhura Bus’.

Nishad has filed the complaint with the Producers` Association.

"She agreed to a remuneration of Rs.8,00,000 first. Later, she sent a message through her manager that she wanted another Rs.2,00,000. When I gave her the remuneration, I deducted the tax at source, but she insisted that she should be given that also," Nishad told reporters.

The producer-director added that she was not on time for the shooting and it created problems for him. "The production cost mounted. It was absolute non-cooperation. She did not take part in the marketing of the film. So, I had no other option but to register a formal complaint against her."

He feels that the film didn`t do well a the box office despite having a good cast.

Sasi Ayyanchira of the Producers` Association confirmed that he has received a complaint against the actress.