Don`t categorize actors: Srihari

Updated: Mar 16, 2013, 13:15 PM IST

Chennai: You may play a hero, heroine or even villain, but acting is common to all, feels Telugu actor Srihari, who urges people against categorization of actors based on the roles they play in movies. He says all actors need to be treated equally.

"I don`t see the need to categorize actors and call them by the roles they essay in films. A comedian is an actor too, so I don`t understand why we call him or her a comedian but not an actor. Acting is one and the same to all actors irrespective of their roles," Srihari told reporters.

"All actors deserve to be treated equally because all of them act. It doesn`t matter how big or small a role is someone playing to be accredited with the privileged title - actor," he added.

Do you feel offended to be called a character actor?

"I have played lead characters, supporting characters and even cameos in my long career, but I have always considered myself an actor.

"I don`t feel offended, but I just don`t see the logic in being called so because it doesn`t make sense," he said.

What about awards in different categories?

"Since you`ve categorized, you need to honour talent. It`s good people are getting recognition for their roles through these awards, but I feel deep down everybody likes to be called an actor," Srihari said.

In over two decades, Srihari has acted in more than 200 films including ‘Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana’, ‘King’ and ‘Dhee’. He is now busy filming for a handful of Telugu films.