Everybody can`t excel in comedy: Telugu comedian

Chennai: Popular Telugu comedian M.S. Narayana, known for his work in "Dookudu", "King" and "Ready", feels comedy is an art and everybody can`t champion it.

"In my career spanning over two decades, I`ve never felt that comedy is a department everybody can excel in because it`s an art and only a few are blessed with the talent to entertain. Several people have come and gone as comedians, while only a few managed to be successful," Narayana told IANS.

The 61-year-old feels comedy can`t be forced upon someone.

"Very few have the talent to make others laugh without being laughed at. You can`t just expect anyone to turn comedian because it`s something that should come naturally, but not when forced on someone. From the very beginning I knew I had to be a comedian, and thus preferred being one," he added.

Despite being a veteran in the industry, Narayana still finds his roles challenging.

"Not all roles are easy to play and I`ve struggled for some of my roles", Narayana said.

Do you believe in tailor-made roles?

"Typically, a director chooses an actor hoping he or she would suit the role, but there`s no guarantee because there have been cases of hits and misses. Thankfully, for me, mostly it`s been a case of hits," he said.

He will be seen in a pivotal role in the upcoming Telugu comedy "Gaja Donga", and says his character is very important to the context of the film.

He will also be seen in films such as "Damarukam", "Auto Nagar Surya", "Baadshah" and "Shadow".