Films can be shot on shoestring budget: P P Sudevan

Thiruvananthapuram: Imagine making a feature film with a measly budget of Rs seven lakh these days. Many find it hard to believe, but young director P P Sudevan has proved it possible.

Sudevan`s low-budget Malayalam movie `Crime No 89` also garnered a handful of awards including the `Best Film` in the recently announced Kerala State Film Awards.

The 39-year-old director, without any formal training in film making, collected the money for his pet project from cinema buffs and well-wishers around the world.

`Crime No 89` revolves around two men transporting weapons in a jeep and a mechanic who is engaged by them to repair the vehicle.

Sudevan shot the movie in seven days. He limited the expenses by means as hiring cameras on lower rent and arranging food for the film unit from friends` houses.

The actors also did not demand any remuneration as they were all his friends and acquaintances. The post-production works of the film, however, took a year as they had to be linked to getting funds.

"We were not in a hurry to complete the movie anyhow compromising its standard. So we waited to get adequate funds. I would like to call the movie as a joint initiative of a group of friends. And I dedicate all the honours that come to the movie to my friends and villagers," Sudevan said.

Hailing from Peringode village in Palakkad district, his entry into the tinsel town was not smooth. An ardent movie buff since childhood, he never missed a single film released in nearby movie houses. Before trying his luck in filmmaking, he did a handful of jobs, including carpentry, masonry and banner writing.

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