Hemlock Society Srijit`s new film on `suicide workshop`

Kolkata: Srijit Mukherjee, whose `Autograph` and `Baishe Shraban` brought audience back to Bengali screens, says his next film which deals with the subject of assisted suicide is a rediscovery of supremacy of life over death.

`Hemlock Society`, his upcoming movie, tells the unique story of a man who runs a workshop where lessons are given on how to commit suicide successfully. The school has on its roll professors who demonstrate fail-safe methods in committing suicide.

The director denies that the film is a glorification of self-destruction, saying that though the subject is dark, there lies behind its veneer the deeper issues of life and love.

"We are in no way glorifying suicide which is there only to serve the purpose of a gritty suspense thriller, and with a little bit of introspection on life," Srijit explains.

`Hemlock Society` in fact advocates celebration of life which is manifested through love, the filmmaker told reporters.

"As it happens, the suicide school, poster visuals of a poison-filled bottle and the hangman`s noose are all meant to accentuate the suspense," he pointed out.

Asked if the theme of assisted suicide is not a promotion of euthanasia (mercy killing), Srijit replied in the negative, insisting once again that it neither legitimates suicide, nor any other mode of death.

"It is pure and simple an entertainer. It takes a hard
look at death and how life triumphs over death. As you see the film`s name is derived from Hemlock Society that actually existed in the US in the 80s, but we have taken the concept forward in a fictional format," he said.

The director also praised Venkatesh Films which agreed to produce the film with "unusual subject".

"Kahaani" sensation Parambrata Chatterjee plays the lead role of Ananda who, Srijit says, is the suicide workshop attender.
The director is all praise for Parambrata who makes believable the pseudo-realism of the whole exercise.

"Param has it within him, a fantastic actor who can grasp the nuances and incoherences of the character," he said, adding he wanted to cast him in his very first film "Autograph", which did not materialize somehow.

Parambrata on his part said, "Even if Srijit gives a very brief sketch of my character in any script, I will go for it. Such is my level of belief and confidence in him as a director. Our bonhomie dates back to many years."

About Hemlock, Parambrata said it was going to be one of the few films where he got to play the lead, that too such a different role.

Koel Mallick, one of the busiest stars of Tollywood, enacts the role of the student who enrolls in the suicide school to take lessons in how to go about committing suicide.
The film will be released in June end.


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