I badly wanted to do Kakababu`s role: Prosenjit

Updated: Oct 09, 2013, 17:48 PM IST

Kolkata: Terming `Misar Rahasya` as the first film to have been shot extensively in Egypt, Bengal superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee today said super-adventurist Kakababu was larger than life.

"Kakababu is larger than life with the director Srijit Mukherjee making it layered while retaining the spirit of the character," the Baishe Srabon actor told PTI here.

"Famed classic characters need to be filmed after living with a generation. This happened in the case of Feluda with Babuda (Sandip Ray) making the sleuth film after Manikjethu (Satyajit Ray)," Prosenjit said.

"If Misor Rahasya brings to the fore the political cauldron that is Egypt, that was how it was meant to be. If the revolution square of today has any resemblance with the cries of protest in streets in the 80s that was how Sunilda had conceived it to be," he said.

"If you think about the fact that how many actually read Kakababu these days, and how the seventh-eighth standard students are now talking about the film ever since its footage came into being, you will realize cinema needs to be more contemporary to cater to modern tastes," he said.

Prosenjit, who confirmed having bought rights of five Kakabu works by Sunil, said, "Now things depend on how audience connect with the flick.

"We had prepared a dossier on Kakababu. If he was more used to have coffee rarher than tea, his other habits. I made a mental note of the character, who is more adaptable to the present age, I made the changes as I believe in doing real things," the Autograph protagonist said.

"Would love to do more Sunil Gangopadhyay films in coming days," Prosenit, who is also donning rural poet Anthony Kabial in another film by the same director, said.

About roping in Srijit into the venture, he recalled, "I had phoned him after securing Sunilda`s consent to bring to celluloid. He was initially flabergusted. But as the idea sank in him knowing Srijit I knew he would now go for the scripting and then would work overtime to finish shooting and then screen the movie."

"We could have depended on computer graphics and shot in rajasthan deserts and hoodwink the audience. But we sought to recreate the look and feel of the place where we shot even risking our lives. This is also going to be the first feature film with direct reference to the revolution square stir." Srijit said.

"From black comedy like Hemlock Society to thrillers like Baishe Srabon, to emotional drama like Autograph and adventures like Misar Rahasya I have consciously explored different genre films and this is Indy films towards me," he said.

Describing how Misar Rahasya has a Hollywoodish feel with typical Bengali elements, he said my Kakababu has likewise evolved in years.

"He has iPad and he Tweets. He doesn`t go after crime spots and is rather interested by incidents like UFO fall."

Misar Rahasya, by Venkatesh Films, will be released on October 11.