Ilayaraja`s son set for Bollywood innings

Mumbai: Acclaimed composer Ilayaraja`s son Yuvan is ready to debut in Bollywood as a music director for actor Emraan Hashmi`s next film, to be helmed by Kunal Deshmukh.

Yuvan`s talent has been compared with that of Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman.

"Yuvan is one of those music directors, whose music has universal appeal. A bit like A.R. Rahman, who did great in Tamil movies, then other southern languages, then Bollywood music and then Hollywood. Yuvan is a similar talent," Manish Hariprasad, creative director, Studios, Disney UTV, said in a statement.

"Well, not every 26-year-old music director can boast of 100 films under his belt," added Hariprasad.

Yuvan is said to have been looking for a good film to launch himself in Hindi films, revealed Hariprasad, adding: "It feels great that Disney UTV is the studio launching him".