‘Kalla Thuppakki` music review: All sound, no melody

New Delhi: ‘Kalla Thuppakki’, which has music by S.K. Balachandran, is neither melodious, nor peppy. The soundtrack has five songs, and disappointingly not even one among them is worth listening. Out of the five songs, the composer himself has crooned four songs, while the rest of the singers have sung one song each.

"Uthi uthi", featuring voices of Balachandran and Ravidevan, is the opening song of the album. It narrates mischievous frolics of the kids, who play the lead in the film. Of course, there isn`t anything noteworthy musically, but the number definitely has a catchy tune that may impress some.

The next song in the album is dedicated to Chennai. With its cheeky western influenced music, "Salam namaste Chennai", featuring voices of Menon and Balachandran, is written with conviction and wit. The appealing lyrics about Chennai and its lifestyle aptly work in the favour of the song.

"Kinathu mettile", a fast dance number, is the most irritating song of the album. Although it is a mass-appealing number, but sadly the electronic music sounds are artificial. Voices of Rajasekaran and Sripriya hardly seem to have made any difference to the song.

Next in the list is a mellow, soothing number in the voices of Jaiswapnah and Balachandran. "Thaba thaba", which has brief dialogue like lyrics, gradually picks up momentum with its subtle rock tempo. But, briefly, somewhere in the middle, the song transforms into a fast rock number, before finally ending softly. There is no sense of consistency throughout the song.

The final track "Midnight kalloori", crooned by Manasi, Raju, Balachandran, is a remix of an old Tamil number. With hardly any music improvisation, this number sounds more or less amateurish and uninspiring.


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