Kamal Haasan, Muslim groups reach truce; ‘Vishwaroopam’ likely to release next week

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2013, 09:18 AM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Chennai: After almost 10 days of protests, negotiations, comments, political responses and court hearings, an agreement was reached between ‘Vishwaroopam’ actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan and the ‘offended’ Muslim community on Saturday evening, paving the way for the movie to be released across Tamil Nadu next week at the earliest.

The legendary actor met up with the Muslim community’s representatives on Saturday and agreed to cut 7 scenes that the protesters had felt were objectionable. The decision was reached upon after a five-hour discussion between the Muslim leaders and Kamal Haasan, flanked by his brother and co-producer of the movie Chandra Haasan, with TN Home Secretary R Rajagopal playing intermediary.

“"I have spoken to my Muslim brothers. I have convinced them that there is nothing wrong with the film. I have agreed to remove some sound clips from the film," said Kamal Haasan after the meeting.

The Federation of Islamic Movements and Political Parties called off the protests after the compromise was reached and the Haasans also withdrew their petition against the government’s decision to suspend the movie’s release.

"We will immediately consult the legal and technical matters and announce the release,” said Kamal Haasan, announcing that the censor board would be told about the changes, “We now expect the ban to be lifted soon, and will take measures to withdraw the petition filed against it.”

Meanwhile the movie has already opened across India, barring Tamil Nadu of course, and early reviews have been in praise of the spy-thriller and seem to suggest that there’s nothing objectionable in the movie.