Misconception that anybody can do commercial films: Prasanna

Updated: May 05, 2013, 16:55 PM IST

Chennai: Tamil actor Prasanna Venkatesan feels that an actor should accept commercial roles only after having enough experience and confidence that audiences is ready to accept him in such an avatar.

"It`s a misconception that anybody can do a commercial film after two or three hits. You can tread that path only if you have years of experience and large fan following. People should be ready to accept you in such roles before you even attempt them," Prasanna said.

Prasanna is known for playing offbeat roles in Tamil films such as ‘Anjathe’, ‘Achchamundu Achchamundu’, ‘Baana Kathadi’ and ‘Muran’.

In his decade-long career, Prasanna hasn`t attempted to any commercial roles. He has played negative characters in few films, but not a single commercial venture so far.

"I believe in step-by-step process. I can only get there with time and with lot of good films in my career. Take any superstar of today and you will realise that these actors didn`t become mass heroes overnight... I still have a lot of time," he added.

He was even nominated for Filmfare award for his negative role in ‘Anjathe’.

"I don`t see what`s wrong in playing negative roles because it`s just another character at the end of the day. Take Prakash Raj sir for instance, he has played all kind of roles and people love him. He chased Trisha like a maniac in `Ghilli` and also a played a doting father to her in `Abhiyum Naanum` few years later," he said.

"What matters is whether you`re playing a role to perfection or not. It doesn`t matter what role you`re playing as an actor," Prasanna added.

Prasanna is currently awaiting the release of Tamil films ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’ and ‘Netru Indru’ and Telugu film ‘Bhai’.