Pooja Umashankar keen on children`s film

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2013, 13:41 PM IST

Chennai: Actress Pooja Umashankar, who is returning to Tamil cinema with upcoming thriller `Vidiyum Munn` after a brief gap, says she is keen to work in a children`s film if given an opportunity.

Pooja was last seen in 2009 Tamil drama `Naan Kadavul`.

"I love to work with kids because you don`t feel the pressure of working when you have them around you. I would be more than happy to star in all kids` film. This is why I didn`t hesitate to play a cameo in Tamil film `Drohi` as a teacher to kids," Pooja said.

On her return, Pooja is not bothered about competition as she feels there is enough room for everybody in the industry.

"Our cinema industry has a very big heart. It has a place for each and every one of us. As an actor, if one knows his or her place in the industry, then everything falls in place automatically," she added.