Rishika Singh’s nude poster miffs women activists

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Kannada film actress Rishika Singh’s nude posters might have offended women activists but the lady in question has least inhibitions going full monty, for she believes in baring all if the script demands.

The hottie’s latest flick `Yaaradre Nangenu` that is all set to release has stirred controversy over her nude portrayal in the posters.

Unaffected by the entire hullabaloo, Rishika, while talking to a daily said, “The posters are a direct lift from the opening shot of `Yaaradre Nangenu`. In the scene, my character has been beaten up by the villains and, assuming that she`s dead, they bury her in the deserts of Rajasthan.

But I return to avenge my humiliation and exploitation. The still is from when I come out of the pit in which I was buried.”

The lady seems to have no problems whatsoever shooting nude. She said, “I`ve been criticized by people who say the definitions of my body are obvious in the poster. But aren`t the contours of the body defined even when you`re covered from top to toe in a sari? I`d like to know where these protesters were when I wore a bikini in my previous film.”

Moreover, the actress has her father’s and brother’s consent so does not bother about what other people have to say about her bold appearance.

“My director father Rajendra Singh Babu and my actor brother Aditya have given their consent. So why I should I care about what others think. My team won`t have hard feelings if the film gets an `A` certificate because of the still. The script demands it, so it`s completely justified,” said Risheeka.