Was never keen to enter films: A.P. Sreethar

Chennai: Popular artist A.P. Sreethar, who is making his cinematic debut with upcoming Tamil comedy-thriller `Andhra Mess`, says he was never keen on acting in films, but was so swayed by the story of the film, he eventually gave in.

Sreethar has been a painter for over two decades.

"I was happy painting and enjoying the limelight it gave me. I was never keen to enter films, but when Jai, who is directing the film, narrated the crux of the story, I was keen to be part of it," Sreethar told IANS.

"Another reason is that Jai is also an artist and his father a sculptor. I felt connected when I came to learn about this and realized I would enjoy working with them," he added.

"Andhra Mess" also features Raj Bharat, Mathi, John Sandeep, Vinod, Amar and Pooja in lead roles. Sreethar will be seen in a negative role.

"I play the antagonist. It was funny initially because I have never faced the camera, and when I`m facing one for the first time, I`m asked to play a negative role. I enrolled for acting workshop and trained for nearly two weeks to brush my acting skills," he said.

Sreethar presents his paintings under his brand Art House Gallery, which he owns. He has hosted over 50 art shows so far.