Watch why Katappa killed 'Baahubali'!

 'Katappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyu Mara?'

Watch why Katappa killed 'Baahubali'!
Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

New Delhi: The biggest Indian motion picture 'Baahubali' not only grabbed the maximum eyeballs but also made viewers curious to ask 'Katappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyu Mara?' (Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?)


Now, all you curious souls can feel relieved as the biggest secret has been revealed. Dharma productions posted a video on YouTube where filmmaker SS Rajamouli is talking about his magnum opus, answering all the queries related to the film.

'Baahubali' recently got honoured at the 63rd National Film Awards in the Best Film category.

There he mentions 'Katappa killed Baahubali because I told him to do so'. Woho, that's quite like a boss!

Watch the whole video here: