David Cameron’ does a U-turn as he decides to wear tails at royal wedding

London: In yet another U-turn, British Prime Minster David Cameron has decided that he would wear a traditional morning suit to the royal wedding.

A day before, Downing Street had indicated that the Prime Minister was planning to break with the tradition and wear a lounge suit rather than tails on April 29, reports the Daily Mail.

It would have made him the first Prime Minister in history to do so, and it was also suggested that his wife Samantha would not wear a hat to the ceremony.

Downing Street sources, however, blamed the confusion on one of Cameron`s aides and denied there was any U-turn, said the Evening Standard.

“The wedding invitation states that you can wear uniform, a lounge suit or morning suit, so it gives you a choice to wear one of the three," said the spokesman, who confirmed Cameron would now wear a morning suit, but declined to give a reason for the switch.

The change of heart came after London Mayor Boris Johnson indirectly criticised the decision by confirming he would be wearing tails, saying, ``I think it’s the right thing to do.

Johnson and Cameron were both members of the Bullingdon Club while at Oxford University, and the Prime Minister was even pictured wearing tails while at the club.