Giant security operations underway for royal wedding

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2011, 11:54 AM IST

London: Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding will be covered by huge security operations, including surveillance by the UK police and CCTV cameras on ground and in the sky.

The moment the wedding date was announced, police began digitally mapping every location from the air, taking an accurate picture of potential weak spots, such as rooftops.

"The police will be engaged in a massive security operation in the weeks leading up to the wedding," Sky News quoted Brian Paddick, the former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, as saying.

"They will be looking at people known to have an obsession with the royals, perhaps, or people they suspect of planning a terrorist attack, to ensure that security is tight on the day,” he added.

Searches this week began at key locations, such as The Mall and Horse Guards Parade, to eliminate the risk of a terrorist strike. Officers have searched drains and opened up lampposts and traffic lights to check for explosive devices.

"Once somewhere``s been searched and deemed safe it will be sealed and checked on a regular basis to make sure it hasn``t been tampered with," said former public order officer Graham Wetton.

Police sniffer dogs that can detect explosives from 100 meters away are being put through their paces ahead of the big day.

All police applications for leave have been suspended, to make sure there are enough security resources on the ground and on rooftops on the wedding day.