Queen to take post-wedding weekend with hubby Philip

London: After Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange their wedding vows and the flamboyant post-wedding party begins at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip will quietly slip away to spend a weekend at the Wood Farm in Sandringham.

“They will also be rather tired. After all, they have the wedding in the morning and then a reception for more than 650. But mainly they want Middleton and William’s friends to be able to let their hair down,” the Daily Mail quoted a palace flunky as saying.

“It’s a momentous day for her and the Duke, seeing their grandson marry, and they want to reflect on it alone. In many ways William and Middleton remind them of themselves, from the length of their courtship to their wish to live in officers’ quarters, as they did after their marriage,” he added.

Almost 64 years after their marriage, the romance between the Queen and Duke remains as strong as ever.

The couple had decided that at 85 and 89 respectively, their place was not at the center of a lively and very loud party. Plus, both feel that their presence would take the attention away from William and the bride.

Another purpose of seeking solitude is to make one of the most challenging visits of the Queen’s reign. In a fortnight, the couple will be in the Irish Republic , where already there are near-hysterical demands that she publicly apologizes for England ’s treatment of the Irish.

Within hours of her arrival, the Queen will lay a wreath in Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance , a shrine to IRA resistance.


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