William gets manicure, haircut for wedding

London: Royal bride Kate Middleton will sport a spray-on tan on her wedding day but Prince William turned down the offer, instead settling for a manicure and haircut.

The 29-year-old Kate`s tan will be a subtle shade.

"It will be a very light tan. Kate epitomises class and cannot be seen to look like an extra from `The Only Way Is Essex`," The Sun quoted a source as saying.

But bridegroom William turned down her offer to have a tan himself, saying: "I`m not David Beckham."

"He refused Kate`s offer of a fake tan and pedicure. He doesn`t want to be seen as a pampered prince. He said, `I leave all that metrosexual stuff to David Beckham`."

The prince also turned down his bride`s suggestion of a waxing session and a pedicure, and agreed only to a manicure and haircut.

"William agreed to having his fingernails done because when the rings are put on, it`s likely there will be a camera close-up. With two billion people watching, he needs perfect hands," a royal source said.