`Essence of comfort` made me fall for Jordan: Aguilera

London: Singer Christina Aguilera says she fell in love with husband Jordan Bratman because of his "essence of comfort".

"Jordan is just that guy that walks into a room and he can really make me smile. That`s how I started falling in love with him. He just had this essence of comfort. He is and continues to be my biggest fan, and just such a number one supporter. He`s a great man. I`m lucky to have him," conatctmusic.com quoted her as saying.

The singer also insists she will never tone down her raunchy image for the sake of her son because she views her professional and home lives as two separate entities.

"There`s two different hats for me. Sexuality to me, it`s really nothing to be ashamed of. I feel like there`s so many labels put upon women. Everyone has their own comfort zone with what that means for them.

"Being a mum and being an artist that expresses myself are two very different things for me, they`re two very different hats that I wear.

I`m either married or have a child? No. Because it`s all about self-expression and being an artist. It`s so important to me. I`m not just a singer. I`m an artist who gets visually inspired and collects art," she added.



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