`Marriage and divorce a joke today`

Mumbai: Actor Aniruddh Dave, whose onscreen character Indu Singh in TV series `Ruk Jana Nahi`, is going through a rough patch in his marital life, says marriage and separation have become a joke lately.

The actor is seen opposite Pooja Sharma, who plays the role of Saanchi in the soap opera, which focusses on their tough marriage life.

The current track of the show depicts how Indu and Saanchi have filed for divorce and have been asked to stay together for a trial period of six months.

"These days to get married and get divorced has become a joke," said Aniruddh.

"Both of them (the characters) went to court and asked for a divorce. The judge has asked them to stay together for six months and then decide how they are with each other," he said, referring to the show.

Indu and Saanchi are shown to be poles apart on the show, but the actor says the story will take a twist soon. Love will happen between them, he says.

"It will happen. We have seen so many times that two characters hate each other but then they fall in love with each other, when they have to stay together. This will happen here as well," Aniruddh told reporters.

The actor earlier played Deven in `Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki` and Rajveer in `Mera Naam Karegi Roshan`.