3 reasons why we think Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are in relationship

Bollywood Life| Updated: Sep 19, 2013, 11:27 AM IST

Much has been said about the Ramleela co-stars and their alleged love affair. While Dippy and Ranveer have decided not to speak about their relationship status come what may, their crackling chemistry is giving away all the answers

At the trailer launch of Ramleela, we caught up with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s desi Romeo-Juliet. Deepika Padukone looked absolutely stunning in her saree and her scarlet red lipstick complimented her look perfectly. Well, that’s the reason wethinks Ranveer Singh couldn’t take his eyes off from the pretty lady. In fact, when the duo was asked to pose for the shutterbugs, Ranveer put his arm around DP confidently, hinting that he is proud to be DP’s man.

We just couldn’t miss the oh-so sizzling chemistry between the two even if we wanted. Besides the palpable chemistry, Ranveer even defended his ladylove when she was quizzed with whom she shares a better chemistry – Ranbir Kapoor or her Ramleela co-star. Mr Singh came forward and said, ‘mere saath’. Going by the trailer, we certainly agree with you RS!

Lastly, what assured us that the two are certainly not just ‘good friends’ is when Ranveer didn’t deny his recent Dubai trip. When asked why he went to Dubai, the Ramleela hunk said he went to shop for the jacket that he was wearing at the event. Ranveer, you could have gone anywhere to shop but you landed in Dubai where Ms Padukone was shooting for Happy New Year. Not a coincidence, wethinks!

While we are certainly convinced there’s something brewing between Bhansali’s Ram and Leela in real life, but if you aren’t then take a look at the pictures. They speak more than a thousand words…at least here!

Namrata Thakker