5 things your girlfriend hides from you

You may think that life is an open book once you are in a stable relationship or hitched to get married. But much of what you think is out in the open may not actually be.

Your girlfriend/wife definitely does not let you in on all her secrets. And that maybe quite healthy to be honest. But no harm in knowing what she doesn`t want you to find out one way or another. Maybe that can only teach you tread on these dangerous paths a little more carefully.

Here is a list of things that your cherished girlfriend would try and hide from you:

More hair than you think
Women have body hair, you may think that it is obvious – and you may have figured it out by now. But, here is the reality check – they hide their sneaky light moustaches and armpit hair only too well. Women like to be perfect, and it is not just for their man. She just likes to look her best, even if she is not a total glam doll.

The big deal about periods
You may think it is no big deal but for four to five days a month a woman is in agony. She has only learnt to hide it too well. She is going through an hormonal upheaval, it is uncomfortable, sometimes really painful and yet she has to be up and about as if nothing is wrong. But she doesn't let you know how bad it is - you only see the tip of the iceberg.

Faked it
Whether you like it or not, Meg Ryan had it right in `When Harry Met Sally`. Women can fake it – and very well. It is not always a bad thing though – they are doing it simply to enhance your pleasure. Plus, women still enjoy the intimacy even if it does not culminate into an orgasm.

Impulse buys
Your girl or woman would never like to reveal when her moment of weakness took over all her practical ways of life. Her one impulse buy, one she would wear only once, and bought only for the temptation is a secret she would rather die with than admit it to you. Lest you chide her for her spontaneous nature, one which she holds very dear

A secret crush
Just like men, women too can have healthy crushes. The only difference is, while a man can go ahead and tell her how the girl at the counter is pretty – a woman would never ever do it. She would only tell you to get some attention and it would be a lie. A girl if she is committed would never go beyond the occasional sighing; that`s her only guilty pleasure. But don`t annoy her, just to be safe.

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