7 ways how you can ruin your existing relationship

Way to ruin your relationship: Criticizing his/her family

It doesn`t really matter what you think of your partner`s relatives or how much they get on your nerves, try to keep the negative thoughts to yourself, even though your partner is aware of their negative characteristics too. No one wants to listen to critics on account of their loved ones, and you should abstain from doing it as well. In case your partner complains about them, don`t add fuel to the fire. Such conversations can lead to arguments or at least spoil your day.

Way to ruin your relationship: Arguing in public

It is completely understandable that couples sometimes have arguments, especially in a long-term relationship, but it is very embarrassing if you let the quarrels happen in public. This means that you can`t control yourselves and it all leads to a very unpleasant situation. Besides, others will undoubtedly notice what`s happening between you two.

Way to ruin your relationship: Spying on your partner

Maybe you think that you`re doing a favor to yourself and your relationship if you check your partner`s messages or what`s he/she is doing on the internet, but these actions can quickly turn into excessive analyzing and unnecessary worrying about the undertones of your partner`s behavior. Besides, you will realize sooner or later that you`re missing out on your own life because of ``spying`` on him/her. You won`t be able to do it everyday of your life. In case you have severe trust issues you can solve the problem in other ways which will benefit you.

Way to ruin your relationship: Lying

Lying is another bad habit which will definitely ruin your relationship. Lies and secrets are never a good way to build solid foundations for your relationship. Dishonesty can be discovered pretty quickly and you can get yourself mixed up in a net of lies which is difficult to get out of. As a consequence you can also lose the person you have strong feelings for, so simply don`t do it.

Way to ruin your relationship: You`ve abandoned yourself

Not taking care of yourself is bad for your health and your relationship. Maybe you`ve gained a few pounds or just stopped taking care of your looks, but your partner will definitely notice the change in your appearance, and it doesn`t necessarily mean that he/she will like it. Don`t take your for granted.

Way to ruin your relationship: Not solving the problems

Everyone wants to have a perfect relationship. That`s why some couples simply sweep their problems under the carpet and pretend that they don`t exist. This doesn`t solve anything because the problems come back after some time and they`re usually even bigger. They explode when you least expect it. Don`t ignore the things that are bothering you. Good communication between partners is the basis for a healthy long-lasting relationship.

Way to ruin your relationship: Desire to change your partner

Women are usually the ones who see their men as projects which are otherwise excellent but they need few small improvements. Even though they have think they`re doing a favor to their partner, they only cause more problems in the end. The web portal SheKnows advises women to think of men as they were puppies: they might learn some new tricks but a pit bull will never become a poodle.

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