Abbey Clancy ‘to forgive fiance Peter Crouch’

London: Abbey Clancy will forgive fiance Peter Crouch following a conversation with her mum, her pals have claimed.

Abbey, 24, flew to see her mother Karen in Majorca after Crouch`s fling with an Algerian hooker was revealed.

Karen has been counselling her distraught daughter for 48 hours. Abbey admitted she still loves Crouch, 29 - and wants him back.

"This is a real battle between her heart and her head. Her head is saying leave him but in her heart she wants to stay with him,” a news daily quoted one of her pals as saying.

"She`s a very emotional person so it looks like her heart will win. If she does, he has to be the luckiest man on the planet," the pal added.

But Abbey is worried hooker Monica Mint, 19, who Crouch bedded during a stag do in Madrid last month, may have further revelations.