Aguilera ‘expresses herself through sexuality’

Melbourne: Christina Aguilera has revealed that sexuality is a very important part of her life and she uses it to express herself.

“Sexuality is such a freedom. Sexuality is where I feel a lot of times I get to express my voice,” a news daily quoted her as telling Britain’s InStyle magazine.

"Throughout the ages, women are always shamed for it or labelled for it and so it makes me feel empowered to give it a voice and to stand up for it and to be strong about it,” she said.

The singer has a two-year-old son Max with her estranged husband and although she is still focused on her career, she admitted she is looking forward to retirement and grandchildren already.

“I hope to be an old woman sitting around in a rocking chair and then I’ll get out all my awards and trophies and grandchildren’s pictures and enjoy them,” she added.


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