Amanda Seyfried prefers dog to boyfriend

London: Actress Amanda Seyfried is happily single and says she enjoys the company of her pet dog more than a boyfriend.

"I`m single. I`m just happy being alone and having a dog. Instead of a suitor," contactmusic quoted the actress as saying.
The 27-year-old was recently rumoured to be dating actor Justin Long.

The actress also added that she is a fan of taxidermy -- an approach in which the skins of dead animals are mounted for exhibition in a lifelike state.

The blonde beauty has an assortment of stuffed animals at home but she insists her dog, Finn, will never be mounted when he dies.

"If it`s done well, taxidermy is a beautiful thing. I love animals, so there`s nothing creepy about it for me. I would never taxidermy my dog, because I love him. But there`s no attachment to my horse, my chicken or my wolf. I didn`t know them but I know them now," she said.