Anarchists may target Prince William`s wedding

London: Anarchists are planning to wreck the royal wedding of Britain`s Prince William and his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton next year, a media report said.

Quoting intelligence reports, the `Daily Express` said anti-capitalist groups across the world are being urged to descend on London for the royal wedding on April 29, and these gangs may attempt to destroy the couple`s big day by sparking riots in the British capital.

Senior police officers suspect a loose coalition of left-wing agitators will try to take advantage of the holidays to swell the numbers of anti-capitalist protesters, it said.

An internet campaign is already building to amass a mob and stage a major demonstration on the Prince`s wedding day. Websites linked to a range of groups have posted obscene messages about the couple while trying to combine a protest against the royals with a May Day protest.

One website says: "Royal Wedding marks the beginning of the end of capitalism. The weekend of the 29th April 2011 is the date that will mark the raising of consciousness of mainstream society and their subsequent thinking and debating a money less world."

Other websites urge protesters to demonstrate on April 29 on the theme of Wedding Day or Workers` Day. Police suspect some of the anarchist groups plotting to disrupt the wedding were involved in hijacking the tuition fees protest on Thursday.

"The events of Thursday show how these people are capable of carrying out sickening levels of violence. They also used the internet and social networking sites to mobilise their supporters and get them out on the streets in pretty cold weather.

"The threat to disrupt the Royal Wedding next year is being taken seriously," a senior police source was quoted as saying.


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