Aniston’s beau Theroux was once a junkie whose fantasy woman was Jolie

London: Justin Theroux’s friend has revealed that the actor took powerful painkillers’ and Class S drugs before sobering up.

According to Star magazine, Keith Middlebrook, whom the 40-year-old actor befriended on the sets of ‘Iron Man 2’ also revealed Theroux’s hopes of pursuing Jennifer Aniston’s rival Jolie.

‘He told me about using powerful painkillers like Dilaudid, as well as mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, LSD and crack. We talked about writing, women, and drugs,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“He was the last person you’d suspect to be doing those hard drugs.

“I thought he was lying about his drug use. He was just too clean, too together... a really solid guy,” he stated.

Middlebrook claimed that Theroux was “definitely a big drinker” before he turned to the infamous Alcoholics Anonymous group to seek help.

“Then no one heard from him for a year, then when I saw him, he told me he’d been in AA and getting used to being sober,” he said.

He also added insult to injury by saying that the two actors would discuss their fantasy A-list women and that Theroux preferred Jolie to Aniston.

“He (Theroux) said Angelina Jolie.

“I laughed, saying the only fat she has is in her lips, and he quipped, “That’s the only place she needs it!’” he added.


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