Ashton’s flirty behaviour blamed for Moore’s health crisis

London: Demi Moore has been shattered by her former husband Ashton Kutcher’s flirty behaviour, according to reports.

The 49-year-old, who was being treated in hospital for exhaustion, was devastated by the break-up of her marriage.

And friends of the actress are blaming the post-split behaviour of for her hospitalisation.

Friends said Kutcher, 33, is flirting with women and then calling his ex-wife when he is in a “low” moment, leaving her confused.

He is also said to have caused a scene when he made jealous comments by confronting his wife at a Golden Globes party as she talked with basketball star Kobe Bryant.

“Demi was talking to Kobe Bryant at a Golden Globes party and Ashton came over and made a scene,” the Daily Express quoted a source as saying.

“He made jealous comments to Kobe, then Ashton went to the bar and was openly flirting with other women,” the source added.

But Kutcher is yet to break his silence over Moore’s hospitalisation.

“Ashton has been very sloppy about his private life. He goes between doing ridiculous things and then making overtures to Demi. She took her marriage very seriously, she gave it 100 per cent, and his behaviour is confusing to her,” an insider said.

Moore ended their six-year marriage last November after the ‘Two And A Half men’ star acknowledged cheating on her with Sarah Leal, 23.

Since the split he has been seen flirting with numerous women, most recently with models at the Sao Paulo fashion week in Brazil.