At 62, Jane Fonda realised she didn’t need a man in her life

London: Jane Fonda has said that it was not until she turned 62 that she finally realised she did not need a man in her life.

The veteran actress, who is considered as one of the most independent women of her entire generation, also asserted that it was only after splitting up with her third husband Ted Turner did she feel ‘whole’.

In an interview on U.S. TV Fonda, 74 said that from the start of adolescence until she was 62 she felt that as a person she ‘moved out of myself and took up residence next door, leaving what I tried to make the perfect shell’.

Fearing that she ‘would die married, rich, but not whole’, she left Turner in 2001, abandoned the millionaire lifestyle she had grown used to and moved in to her daughter’s guest room, a leading daily reported.

“It was a small room with a closet, me and my golden retriever,” Fonda said.

“It was perfect. I was so raw and so sad and at the same time I could feel myself moving back into myself. I knew, I knew, that hard and painful as this was, that I wasn’t scared of being alone,” she stated.

Tagging it as a ‘seminal moment’ for her, the fitness guru said that for the first time she was not scared to be on her own and embraced being single.

“I wasn’t scared of being alone, I wasn’t scared for the first time in my life to not be with a man and whatever lay in front of me I would be able to do it as a whole person.”

“It was a seminal moment for me,” she added.