Bad breath can keep women away from second date

London: Even if you manage to impress a girl on the first date with your personality, bad breath can make them rule out a second meeting, reveals a survey.

The study, conducted by E-cigarette company Neo, has found out that even if everything else is perfect on the first date, many refuse to go for the second time if there`s any bad breath, reports

As much as 87 percent of women respondents in the survey said that they would not go out on a date with a man again if he had bad breath. Men on the other hand, were less harsh. Only 33 percent of those who took the survey, said that they wouldn’t go on out together for second time if the girl didn`t have fresh breath.

“From those asked it`s clear that for the overwhelming majority of people, they can have the perfect first date with sparkling conversation and chemistry, but if he leans in for a goodnight kiss and they are met by a wall of bad breath it`s unlikely there will be a second date,” Estée Oren, Neo director, said.


Pic Courtesy: gospeeddating

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