Be loud during sex!

Once for a change pay no attention to the people around you and make as loud sounds as you want. Express your enjoyment and pleasure!

Why should you be quiet?

Many people hold back their real pleasure and don’t relax completely. There are various reasons: maybe a strict upbringing by their parents or the fact that they got used to having sex when their parents were at home and had to do it quietly to prevent anyone from hearing them, or they may feel unpleasant because of the sounds made during sexual intercourse, or the reason may be an unpleasant memory of porn movies where the loudest screams made by women were fake and thus stupid. Don’t understand this in a wrong way. We don’t mean that you have to scream at the top of your lungs to break all the windows and give a headache to your neighbour. You don’t need to pretend to make moaning sound in order to please your partner. All we’re saying is that you don’t need to be quiet because by doing that you hold back your pleasure and can’t totally relax during sexual intercourse. Why would you feel embarrassed to enjoy it? There’s no need for that, especially as far as your partner is concerned, who’ll definitely like it if you make moaning sounds because of the things he does to you. It’s the same for both men and women. It’s true that usually women are louder and make various sounds of pleasure, but men shouldn’t hold themselves back. They also have to show how much they enjoy sex and try to relax. This will be a positive thing for a man, while his partner will enjoy listening how much he enjoys her touches.

Where’s the limit?

If you saw the cult erotic comedy Porky’s, then you certainly haven’t forgotten the scene where the leading actress, Kim Cattrall – the Kim Cattrall playing Samantha in the Sex and the City series – makes loud moaning sounds. As she’s truly loud, her school friends make fun of her and plant her a young man that has sexual intercourse with her at school. Everything can be heard through the speakers and, naturally, everyone bursts out laughing. It’s true that the woman played by Kim Cattrall is really loud, perhaps even too loud, especially since she’s in a public place, school, where there’s a strong chance that she might be heard by someone. However, if you feel like making really loud moaning sounds, we advise you to choose a slightly more secluded place to have sexual intercourse. Well, unless you don’t care if anyone hears you. If that’s the case, just do it and be as loud as you want. The worst thing that can happen to you are the envious looks of your neighbours. On the other hand, it’s much better that the screams of pleasure are heard from your apartment as opposed to a loud quarrel. This is also perfectly illustrated in the movie Jungle Fever, made by Spike Lee in the early 1990s. In the movie, a boy listens to his parents having sex every morning and it makes him happy that they still love each other. When the moaning sounds stop because his father’s affair, the boy is no longer happy because he realises that something is wrong. Where’s therefore the limit? In our opinion, there’s no limit, meaning that you shouldn’t hold yourself back. If you feel like screaming during your orgasm, just scream. If it makes you feel good to be loud during oral sex, just make the loud sounds. If you rather sigh, do that. Everyone has his or her own preference. Our advice is that anything is better than being quiet, embarrassed and careful not to produce a slightest sound of pleasure.

Can you also talk?

Moaning sounds are often associated with talking. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. We encourage you to talk and advise you to do it as much as you want. Naturally, you don’t talk about things that have no connection with sex, but things that will additionally arouse you. Describe your partner’s genitals, praise his or her body, talk about what you’re doing, what you intend to do and how do you want to do it. Well, you don’t need to exaggarate, since sex is like a conversation in a pub. You have to find the right combination of talking and moaning and you’ll hit the nail on the head. It’s also positive to say: “I love you”. Before, during and after sex, of course. What if one of the partners likes to talk, but that bothers the other one? What if one of the partners very much likes to make loud moaning sounds, but that disturbs the other one and he or she can’t focus on sex? Or in other words, what if one of the partners wants to hear the other moan, but the other partner can’t give him or her that? Unfortunately, we don’t have a general recipe. We recommend that you’re patient and don’t press your partner into anything. Try to adjust slowly and achieve your goals in a diplomatic and cunning way.

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