Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar weds former Miss India

Washington: Kunal Nayyar, the London born Indian actor, got married to Neha Kapur back in December.

He celebrated his marriage over six days in front of 1,000 guests in New Delhi.

Nayyar is famous for playing an Indian guy called Raj in the comedy series the ‘Big Bang Theory’.

The 30-year-old met the former Miss India, 28, in New Delhi three years ago.

“She unlocked something in me that I had never felt before,” People magazine quoted him as saying.

The weeklong festivities, which he described as “quite hectic,” included an exchange of vows, a garland ritual and henna tattoos.

When the actor and Kapur first saw each other at the ceremony, they adorned each other with handmade garlands.

At the actual wedding ceremony, the bridegroom held a cup with a white lotus flower.

“I dipped the flower in purified water and then threw it into the fire,” he said.

Nayyar said that during the Mehndi portion of the wedding, which was thrown by Kapur’s family, “all of the women get henna and all the men drink Bloody Marys”.

“The men feed the women, because they have to wait for the henna to dry,” he added

The newlyweds later enjoyed unwinding after “six days of partying.”

His ‘Big Bang’ castmates “unfortunately couldn’t make it.”


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