Blake Fielder-Civil reveals ‘unhealthy, co-dependent’ love between him and ex Amy

London: Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband has revealed that the couple, while they were together, “loved each other in an unhealthy, co-independent way”.

Blake Fielder-Civil also said in the documentary ‘Amy Winehouse: The Untold Story’, which is to be screened on Thursday, that the two always fought over drugs.

“We loved each other intensely and probably in a really unhealthy co-dependent way and we probably called it all sorts of things, passionate, fiery and whatever but sexually it was spot-on, I guess,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“You can’t have a relationship and be a heroin addict, you can’t. If you don’t have access to money you’re going out thieving and you’re going to be in jail half the time, it’s not a way to live,” he said.

“You can’t sustain love for each other when you’re constantly fighting over a bit of gear,” he added.

Winehouse and Fielder-Civil were married for two years before they split in 2009, and he is currently serving 32 months in prison for breaking into a house with a fake gun.


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