Brand misses his days as a `womaniser`

London: Comedian Russell Brand admits he finds it hard not to "cherish and crave" his time as a womaniser before he met estranged wife Katy Perry.The 36-year-old filed for divorce from Perry after 14 months of marriage Dec 30 last year, and in an interview recorded shortly before their split he admitted he thinks fondly of his wilder days, reports

Brand told American stand-up comedian Marc Maron in his podcast: "I`d do a gig and four or five women would come back. There were times when it wasn`t all desperate and ugly. There were times when I was this representation of pure libertarianism and sexuality. It`s so hard not to cherish them and crave them."

"I know where they ended up. I know where they went, but I became this thing. Women meeting across me. One would leave, another would come. There`d be crossovers. And they had no problem with each other. And it was blissful," he added.


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