Brand still carries Perry`s tattoo

Los Angeles: British comedian Russell Brand, who is back to standup comedy, has denied reports that he has got rid of his ex-wife Katy Perry`s tattoo from his body.

Brand`s marriage to singer Katy Perry ended after 14 months in December last year.

"I`m doing well. You don`t need to brush it off if you don`t get it on you in the first place," quoted Brand as saying. However he did not specify what "it" means.

When asked about reports that he has removed Perry`s tattoo from his body, he said: "Nope, I never had a tattoo removed. Never happened. I don`t have to let anything go. I don`t hold on to anything negative. It`s the same as zero-ness."

"It`s not about letting it go. You can`t let go of something you don`t hold, you know. It`s meaningless and much of our world is predicated on meaninglessness. And I don`t do that anymore."

Brand also made news when he was arrested in New Orleans for allegedly grabbing a photographer`s iPhone and tossing it.

That, too, he said, "is meaningless to me. It`s like it never happened. It`s meaningless."


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