Brangelina receive blessing from gay marriage group

Washington: A gay rights group in California whole-heartedly supports Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s decision to tie the knot, even though the couple had vowed to not get hitched until everyone had the right to marry.

The 48-year-old actor had told Ellen DeGeneres on her show in September that he was supporting the gay marriage act to be passed.

“I’ve said that we would not be getting married until everyone in this country had the right to get married,” a website has quoted him as telling the Talk Show host.

But Rebekah Orr, Communications Director for Equality California, said the group is totally behind the Brangelina marriage, even if the right to marry is still not enjoyed by everyone.

“Marriage is something that says ‘we’re a family’ in a way that nothing else can ... No one has to deny that for themselves or their family to prove they are an ally and supporter of equality,” she said.