Break Up Day: 5 worst ways to end a relationship

Updated: Feb 21, 2014, 14:57 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau /Anindita Dev

New Delhi: Fed up with your partner? Or you don`t know how to end your present relation? Don`t worry, on the eve of break up day if you want to call it off with your partner, we give you some tips for the same.

Break ups are never good. But here are the worst ways to break up.

Follow the old conventional way of just leaving a text message... `.... sorry, things are not working out.. I need space..` ,. This type of trash actually works out at times.

You`ll be surprised to know the number of people that actually use this wretched way to end things.

This is what all most men (and sometimes women) do all the time. They very conveniently manage to just disappear, and vanish into thin air. Just like that!
So you could just ignore the wary calls and texts from your partner, and just stop responding, at all.
One day he/she will give up (if they have any self respect left) eventually.

Next, what you could do is just take out your girlfriend for a long walk or a drive maybe, and then slowly steer the conversation to part ways. Do the talking in a mature way. Give all silly reasons to convince your partner. And then be a jerk that you are, anyway. Dump her/him.

Fourth way is the most simple and the most tried and tested. Tell your partner that it`s time to call off their relationship, as your parents have called a curfew back home.
You could just simply lie that parents are completely against the relationship and that your mother has threatened you emotionally.

And of course the last is our Indians most favourite.
“I am getting married due to family pressure, so lets call it off”. Most men in India just get away with these lines stating all family reasons and maybe even spreading the rumours of their marriage. At least that way they expect their ex will back off.

So fellows, have a happy Break Up Day.