Breaking that bottle in Turkey

Avril- Ann Braganza

Cultures across the world vary and knowledge of different traditions enriches your visit to any country. Here`s a little culture from Turkey.

Driving by smaller villages in Turkey, you may notice an empty glass bottle on the roofs of some houses. Traditionally, this is done when a woman reaches marriageable age. The bottle is broken by an interested bachelor, who then seeks permission from the father to marry the woman. To prevent disappointments, the man finds out if the match is agreeable before breaking the bottle.

Usually when the man’s family visits the woman`s house, she does not have a say in the matter, but can express her vote only through the coffee she serves. If the coffee is extra sweet her answer is yes, if it’s just sweet, she will think about it, and if there`s no sugar, her answer is no. If she has added salt, she means there`s no way she`s even going to consider it.